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RailWire Broadband Tariff Plans

(For Odisha)


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Railtel Broadband has next generation technology that enables its cable network to provide internet connection on PC using the backbone of optical fiber cable network.

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Broadband on Demand (BOD)
Port Speed: 2 – 20 Mbps
Data Usage: 20 GB
Price* (INR) : 500.00

Port Speed: 2 – 50 Mbps
Data Usage: 200 GB
Price* (INR) : 799.00

Home Unlimited Plan

Sl. No.Port SpeedMonthly Rental*(INR)
11 Mbps 315.00
22 Mbps449.00
3 3 Mbps 649 .00
44 Mbps 899 .00
58 Mbps 1399.00
610 Mbps 1699.00
720 Mbps1999 .00
8 40 Mbps 2399.00
950 Mbps 2699 .00
1075 Mbps2999.00
11 100 Mbps 3599.00

Home FUP Plan

Sl. No.Port SpeedMonthly Rental* (INR)Data UsageAfter FUP
15 Mbps299.0050 GB1mbps_kbps
28 Mbps349.0050 GB1mbps_kbps
310Mbps399.0050 GB1mbps_kbps
410 Mbps499.00150 GB1mbps_kbps
520Mbps699.00150 GB1mbps_kbps
6 50Mbps 849.00100 GB1mbps_kbps
7 75Mbps 899.00100 GB2mbps_kbps
8100Mbps999.00300 GB2mbps_kbps
9100Mbps1349.00500 GB2mbps_kbps
10100Mbps1699.001000 GB 2mbps_kbps
11150Mbps1099.00200 GB2mbps_kbps
12150Mbps1249.00 400 GB4mbps_kbps
13175Mbps1199 .00150 GB1mbps_kbps
14200Mbps1499.00300 GB4mbps_kbps
15200Mbps1899.00500 GB2mbps_kbps
16200Mbps2199.00700 GB2mbps_kbps
17200Mbps2499.00900 GB2mbps_kbps
18200 Mbps 2999.001500 GB4mbps_kbps
19100 Mbps 649 .0010 GB/day512kbps
20100 Mbps 749.0015 GB/day512kbps
21100 Mbps 849.0020 GB/day 512kbps

SME / Commercial Access

Sl. No.Port SpeedMonthly Rental* (INR)
102 Mbps1,299.00
203 Mbps1,699.00
306 Mbps2,999.00
410 Mbps5,799.00
515 Mbps8,299.00
620 Mbps8,999.00
725 Mbps10,999.00
830 Mbps14,999.00
950 Mbps20,800.00
1075 Mbps21,999.00
11100 Mbps24,999.00
12200 Mbps28,999.00

SME / Commercial Access

Sl. No.Port SpeedMonthly Rental* (INR)Data UsageAfter FUP
110 Mbps4650.0080 GB1 Mbps

*The rates indicated are exclusive of the GST, which will be charged extra as per prevailing tariff.

Installation Process and Charges :

At present, we have 2 types of Installation procedure with different types of equipment’s installed at last mile network, below mentioned different types of network technology.

1. F.T.T.H (Optical fiber)
2. Wireless

Below mentioned Installation charges with equipment’s details.

Installation ProcessEquipment installed at LMCPrice of equipmentSecurity Deposit(Refundable)Proposed Installation charges
FTTHONU/ONT2500-4000Rs. 1,000.00Rs. 4,000.00
WirelessCPE3700Rs. 1,000.00Rs. 4,000.00

Terms and Conditions for installation and termination of service:
1. The standard installation charges for FTTH is applicable if the distance from POP is within in the feasible limit
2. Security deposit will be refundable on terminating the connection and returning the CPE / ONU / ONT in working condition.

How to get internet broadband service?

  1. Apply online or fill the inquiry form or Request a quote by providing your broadband service requirements details.
  2. Our Team will physically visit the Connectivity premises.
  3. If feasible,subscriber will fill the subscription  form along with documents (Photo, Photo Id proof, address proof duly signed)
  4. Pay the installation charges and one month subscription charges as per your broadband service plan via DD, Cheque, online transfer, debit card, credit card, Net banking etc.
  5. Broadband service will be installed / connected within 7 days, after the completion of above steps.
  6. Monthly subscription : Monthly invoice will be generated before 10 days of due date. Monthly subscription fees must be paid on or before due date, otherwise broadband service will be disconnected automatically at service end time.
  7. For any technical, sales, billing related issue, please open a ticket to concern department or contact by phone.
  8. We provide support via live chat, phone call, email and support ticket.
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